The KMR@work Advantage

Introducing KMR@work
We are a professional consulting group focused on enabling manufacturers, publishers and distributors with channel strategies, programs and tools, with the goal to ensure a healthy, sustainable growth engine.  Having a channel is not enough. The channel needs to be an integral part of the coverage model and a powerful extension of the manufacturers reach, while being a financially logical model, accretive to the manufacturer’s market strategy. But the channels are constantly evolving. They’re also made up of distinctly different reseller types. Therefore, it can be challenging to find a fit.


SMB Channel Focus
Focusing specifically on channels for SMB, channel program utilization health, and effective selling and marketing motions for that resell channel, KMR@work provides a process for its clients to address their channel needs. 





Using 30 plus years of experience in the channel and SMB, Kris Rogers brings her vast experience and skills to identify the opportunities for manufacturers, publishers and distributors the channel and SMB.  KMR@work provides actionable work product that can be taken and deployed.

Analysis, Strategy, Results

Whether you need a brand new channel strategy, a check-up, or a plan for penetrating SMB, Kris will bring you a real plan and with an ability to measure your results.  She will work to ensure your team is prepared to take that plan and effectively implement it.  Kris will also provide a closed loop for you to evaluate the implementation and adoption of the plan.


At the close of an engagement, you will have an assessment, a go forward strategy, an implementation plan, and a methodology for measuring your progress.  More importantly, you will be well on your way to meeting your goals for your new channel strategy!