References and Testimonials
“Kris was a key partner for me when I worked at Hewlett Packard.  She is viewed as an industry leader—
and when she speaks—people listen.  She was regularly involved in strategy level decisions at HP.  Kris’s support of our
brand was highly valued by myself and our team.”
John Hood
Vice President & General Manager, Hewlett-Packard (Business Partner)
“Kris was an excellent executive and leader at Merisel.  She is a superb people manager known for her firm, but fair expectation setting,
and demand for accountability.  She is a driver of results and a pacesetter within an organization.  Kris has an excellent, credible reputation
in the industry among customers,   business partners and employees.  Her knowledge of the channel and IT industry is broad and deep. 
She is a superb communicator and unmatched in her efficiency and work ethic. Kris is a valuable asset to any organization.”
Karen Fuller
Vice President, Marketing, Merisel
“Kris is an outstanding Senior Executive who I have had the pleasure to work and partner with over the years.  Her vast knowledge of the
IT market, and the trends of the industry, is truly an invaluable asset.  Her outstanding leadership style brings out the best in a person and drives
results. A company would be fortunate to have Kris on their senior leadership team.”
Peter Cannone
CEO, Onforce