Introducing KMR@work!

KMR@work provides hands-on expertise and experience to manufacturers, publishers and distributors that are looking to develop, or improve the effectiveness of their channel motions,
with particular focus on SMB. Kris Rogers, principal of KMR@work, uses her 30 plus years of experience in the channels to help diagnose, create and implement healthy effective programs, tools and selling motions.

Call us to discuss how we can work together on a Channel Check-up, evaluate SMB@work, or explore the Playbook for your company. And ask about upcoming industry events where you can attend one of our sessions to get a taste of what we can provide for you.

Kris Rogers is also an executive partner with Solid Executive, a leading firm in CEO advising, executive coaching and Board consulting. Kris draws on her significant experience as a senior executive in IT to provide coaching in leadership development, execution and performance, organizational development and C suite consulting.